Please! Pick my Brain! Pay Me!

This is a site created for those who are busy, on-the-go, web developers and designers who need to submit a question and move on.  If you are a hard-core designer/developer, I recommend using Stack Overflow – it’s a free forum.  For those of you who are clients of Notes From Kris, or know and value my website background and realize that I am in business to make money – while helping others – win – win.

What are you looking for?

  • Can’t find a line of CSS in a WordPress theme?
  • Don’t know how to launch a website (WordPress or other)?
  • Not sure if your slider is a post,  page, or in the Theme options
  • How to use plug-ins…
  • How to set up a MailChimp eNewsletter campaign AND put it on your website…
  • Need database integration instructions…
  • How to set up iFrames…


$55/question for 4-5 (business) day turnaround – if I don’t answer it, I refund your money.  Weekends don’t count as ‘day turnaround’.

$110/question for 2-3 (business) day turnaround – if I don’t answer it, I refund your money.  I might be inclined to answer this over a weekend.


$399 per month for a 3-month contract for unlimited questions – be reasonable please – I reserve the right to limit this number, let’s set a reasonable time limit not to exceed 4 hours for now.  You will receive an answer within 2-3 business  (M-F 9-5pm US EST) days – if I don’t answer it on time, you get 15minutes of my coding time to fix whatever issue you had.  Weekends don’t count as day turnaround’.

We will post your question and answer in our FAQ area and build upon this KnowledgeBase.